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The name…

Hello World, as they say…

My name is Chris Robinson and I am a teacher at The Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a long week and an encouraging day at the MAIS Conference (MN Assoc. of Independent Schools), I have decided to start blogging about my work with Experience-First Mathematics.

I would be remiss to not have my first post address the name of this blog.

Experience-First Mathematics (EFM) is a term I adopted to describe all approaches of instruction that encourage students to take ownership of their learning. This would include problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning. Like all instructional techniques EFM can be executed well or poorly and it is my hope that through this blog, I can continue to reflect on and improve my practice and assist other teachers in improving their practice.

I named the blog Experience-First Mathematics in honor of Dr. Arnold Ross who started the “Ross Program,” a summer number theory experience for high school students at Notre Dame and then Ohio State. This program inspired Dr. Glenn Stevens and Dr. Al Cuoco to not only start a similar program for high school students at Boston University called PROMYS, but to start a parallel program for teachers, PROMYS for Teachers. I joined this community of educators in 2010 and despite the miles, I feel very connected to them and have returned to Boston four of the last five summers.

I will end this first post with a heartfelt thank you to my colleagues. My journey into EFM would not be possible without the partnerships forged in our daily work.